GrowthSupermarket website

GrowthSupermarket website

GrowthSupermarket.com categorises and reviews over 300 digital marketing tools from URL shorter tools to Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising solutions.

Having so much choice meant the site not only needed to look good but needed to be easy to use. Simple navigation and functional bold design were used to make sure every tool was easy to find and no more than two clicks away, and with the addition of breadcrumbs, related tools were even closer.

How the site works

Using the eight main categories that growthsupermarket gave us (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email, CRO, Content, Display and Productivity and Operations), we set about designing the main pages that would list the content.

When the main category is selected they are presented with a further set of subcategories relating to that category. For example, clicking on SEO lists all the subcategories containing tools related to SEO. These include; Backlink Monitoring Tools, Keyword Research Tools, Link Building Tools, SEO Auditing Tools, SEO Competitor Research Tools and SEO Rank Tracking Tools. All of the eight main categories use the same style of navigation making it easy to explore and discover a variety of different tools.

We also included a search field positioned upfront, to make finding individual tools easier.

Ratings and review

Each tool is reviewed by digital marketing specialists and is given a rating in four categories – Ease of use, Price, Customer support and Features. We made use of Google’s Structured Data system to display these ratings on search results on all the main search engines including google. When a customer searches for a tool listed on GrowthSupermarket, they get the description of the tool and a useful review snippet that includes the star rating.

Below shows an example of a review page, we designed the page to house the review navigation on the left-hand side making it easy to jump to any section of the review. We used the same layout for all review pages so that exploring the site is a familiar experience.

You can see how this works on the Adzooma tool page.

GrowthSupermarket Adzooma review design

Super quick loading times

The time it takes to load a website is important. It is said that if a website has not loaded after three seconds, the customer will close the page and look elsewhere. With so many tools onboard, it was important to make it easy for customers to navigate quickly and without delay. Using our expertise in site optimisation, GrowthSupermarket scores highly on Google’s very own ‘PageSpeed Insights’ and ‘GTmetix’, both of which are industry standard optimisation platforms. On average PageSpeed Insights score us an amazing +99% on GoogleSpeed Insights for desktop, which we are incredibly pleased with.

In summary

GrowthSupermarket was delighted with the results and the site continues to grow as more tools are reviewed.

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