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A new site for Writers’ Centre Norwich


Full screenshot of Writers' Centre Norwich website homepageBack in February, three months after we opened our doors, we were fortunate enough to be invited to tender for the Writers’ Centre Norwich website redesign. We jumped at the chance as we wanted to get our teeth into such a large project and the Writers’ Centre Norwich is exactly the kind of client (the cultural/arts sector) our fledgling studio wanted to work for.

It got better. Our pitch won, beating five other established local agencies to do so. Not bad for a new start up, powered by people who were suffering with that god-awful flu lurgy that was going around at the time (we were hoping the client attributed our sweating in our presentation with nerves).

What followed was five months of hard work and relationship building, culminating with a site that has been universally praised by everyone at the Writers Centre Norwich, from Stakeholders to Board members. Rob and I gave ourselves a pat on the back with a trip to this year’s Reasons To conference in Brighton, and we’d like to thank the Writers’ Centre Norwich for being such a great team to work for and with. Also thanks goes out to our extended team, UX expert Tom Haczewski of The User Story and back end whiz Olly Bradshaw.

See the new Writers Centre Site here.

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September 16, 2016