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We love Aaron James Draplin


Front cover of Pretty Much Everything by Aaron James Draplin

Large of stature, frame and heart, Aaron Draplin is the King Kong of graphic design, swatting away mediocrity from on top of the Empire State Building* with his bold, no nonsense work, filtered as it is through his beloved mid/late century American vernacular.

Luckily for us, those wonderful people over at Abrams have collected this portfolio of unapologetic wonder and delivered to us, the unworthy, a Draplin designed, packed-to-the-rafters book aptly titled Pretty Much Everything. In it, he charts his journey into design with great humour and humility, reminding everyone that you too, can make your own career from a job you love. And furthering the love, Mr Draplin has designed a slipcase and other goodies to complement your purchase of this book, which you can order here.

Opening spread of Pretty Much Everything by Aaron James Draplin

I am a happier person for having bought this book – why not do yourself the same favour?

*Yes, I know he lives in Portland, I was being metaphorical.

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May 31, 2016