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Reasons To: Go To Brighton


As A Fine Studio has been working so hard recently, we decided to treat ourselves with a visit to Reasons To: Design, Code and Create, a fab three day conference down in sunny Brighton. Both Rob and I had visited this conference before in it’s previous incarnation as Flash on the Beach, and we thought attending it on it’s tenth anniversary would be a great way to cool off away from the Studio.

Left to right: Jessica Hische, Rob Skinn, Erik Kressels and Steve Kirkendall

We saw talks by people we knew, others we didn’t and our design heroes who attracted us there in the first place. The talks ranged from the technical to the creative, all inspiring, some surprising. Highlights included the brilliant Yves Peters, explaining his battle to get a better UI for OpenType fonts in Adobe’s InDesign; the wonderful Jessica Hische, who shared both her fabulous work and her working process; Erik Kessels with KesselsKramer client work and his own, personal projects both of which had the audience in fits of laughter (much later we ended up in the pub with Jessica and Erik – what a great night that was).

Mr Bingo and his hilarious postcards

Other talks we loved came from Stefan Sagmeister, arguing that beauty is totally important for human life as opposed to the ugly utility of Modernism; Artist and Rapper, Mr Bingo (above) who made everyone laugh even harder than Erik Kessels did, with his fantastically rude, sweary and (unbelievably) treasonous work; Jared Tarbell’s sublime, machine generated organic shapes emulating the natural world; Espen Brunborg’s ‘The Secret Life of Comedy’ reminding us that we need to make more interesting web sites to fight the growing homogeny of the web, almost a companion piece to Stefan Sagmeister’s talk; Sculptor Wilfred Wood, ex-Spitting Image, with his fantastic heads and bodies he’s made; Seb Lester whose typography and calligraphy lulled us into a reverential silence and the incredible Joshua Davis, who blew everyone away with his work for Sub Rosa.

The amazing Joshua Davis

It all went far too quickly, but for the shot of inspiration it gave us it was worth every penny. Enough reasons to book your ticket for next year?


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September 7, 2016