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An image of The People Kit website

The People Kit

When a new kind of networking group needed a new kind of identity, they looked no further than A Fine Studio to create one.

Frustrated by the way traditional networking groups operated, Mary McGivern decided to create her own.

After selecting a small band of professionals with differing skills, The People Kit was born. We joined as it’s design and web development team, so naturally we were asked to create it’s identity and website.

Taking our cue from Mary’s favourite colours (green and yellow – she’s an avid Norwich City FC fan) we designed the logo, and placed it front and centre on new business cards for each People Kit member.

We then turned our attention to The People Kit’s digital needs and made a simple brochureware site. In keeping with the fun nature of the team, each member’s information page is presented in the form of an interview – a nice informal touch that underlines The People Kit’s difference.

“A Fine Studio delivered a simple, clear website that tells everyone what they need to know about The People Kit. And like the logo they created for us, it looks beautiful. So pleased with the site and proud to have them as part of the ‘Kit’.”

Mary McGivern, The People Kit founder