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Manuals 1 – A Fine Studio 2


Cover of Manuals 1, published by Unit Editions

My name is Steve Kirkendall and I’m a design bookaholic.

Among my favourite book dealers is the superb Unit Editions, many of whose titles grace the book shelves of my snug home studio (aka the back bedroom). However, one Unit Edition that is missing from my library is Manuals 1, their first book on corporate identity manuals.

Unfortunately, when I finally decided that I should get myself a copy, they were sold out, snatched up by designers far wiser than I. Comforting myself by quickly purchasing Manuals 2, I declared my interest in a reprint, hoping that one would happen as quickly as it had for other sold out titles.

But then, Unit Editions said they’d discovered six copies of Manuals 1, lurking in a far flung corner of their warehouse, and who would like a copy? Faster than a speeding bullet, I emailed ‘ME!!’ in 72pt Helvetica Black. But I was too late. However, Unit’s Sam Stevenson contacted me to say that I could have a used copy that was knocking about. He said it’s a bit worn, so we could let you have it at a discounted price. Even better, I thought.

But it got better still – Sam then got in touch a few days later and told me that one of the people who’d ordered one of the last six copies no longer wanted it – would I like this, the last remaining copy instead. YES, I screamed ecstatically, bowing before him and kissing his shoes, (which was no mean feat as I was in Norwich and he was in London) before firing off my Paypal remittance.

Happy ending. Sitting next to my copy of Manuals 2 is Manuals 1 and looking at both is my big, fat smiling face.

Oh, and by the way, in a twist that would bring tears to the eyes of a contortionist, it was announced a week ago that Manuals 1 is now the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. If you’d love a copy but missed out the first time around, get your self here.

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April 11, 2016