The Eagle has landed

Last night we went along to the grand opening of the Norwich Barclays Eagle Lab, a collaboration between Barclays and WhiteSpace Norwich. We now join the illustrious … continue reading

The Writers’ Centre always rings twice

After we completed their new website, the Writers’ Centre Norwich commissioned us to develop a new site for the International Literature Showcase, an online resource to … continue reading

A new site for Writers’ Centre Norwich

Back in February, three months after we opened our doors, we were fortunate enough to be invited to tender for the Writers’ Centre Norwich website redesign. … continue reading

Reasons To: Go To Brighton

As A Fine Studio has been working so hard recently, we decided to treat ourselves with a visit to Reasons To: Design, Code and Create, a … continue reading

When Stévie met Jean

I had a fantastic surprise on the weekend – while shopping in the West End of London with my wife, Jean Jullien posted on Instagram that he … continue reading

We love Aaron James Draplin

Large of stature, frame and heart, Aaron Draplin is the King Kong of graphic design, swatting away mediocrity from on top of the Empire State Building* … continue reading

Beautiful things

Occasionally some extraordinarily talented people get together and make something truly beautiful. Inspirational stories, beautiful photography and brilliant design have made Iron & Air my favourite coffee table … continue reading

Manuals 1 – A Fine Studio 2

My name is Steve Kirkendall and I’m a design bookaholic.
Among my favourite book dealers is the superb Unit Editions, many of whose titles grace the book … continue reading

London lists and Unit Live!

Listicles, don’cha just hate them? With their “18 Mismatched Celebrity Couples”, “10 ways to lose weight while eating twice your body weight” and “9 Cats That … continue reading