Image showning pages from the new Approach Human Resources website


Print & Website Design

In order to achieve their new ambitions for the future, Approach Human Resources needed an updated online presence to clearly communicate the full range of their services and expertise to both existing and potential new clients.

Approach Human Resources logo

Passionate about the positive impact that effective people management can have on an organisation, and realising that small to medium-sized businesses rarely have this facility, Approach Human Resources was formed 3 years ago to fill this gap in HR outsourcing. Collaborating with businesses to understand what they are working to achieve, Approach Human Resources provide the necessary HR expertise, but without the often accompanying red tape.

After many successful years, Director and Principle Alice Francis had reached a stage where she wanted to increase the reach and client base of Approach Human Resources and needed new marketing material to help raise it’s profile. She commissioned A Fine Studio to completely redesign her company’s website from the ground up. We began with the visual design based on print work we’d completed late last year, before starting work on the content strategy and user journeys. The site had to be Content Managed to allow Approach Human Resources the ability to edit copy and images and also to manage resources and content on every page, so that the site could grow with it's business.

The site’s main objective was as a online marketing presence communicating Approach Human Resources’ services, capturing email data in return for free HR Insert pack downloads. Some of these useful downloads were accessible without users having to submit their email address, but they were invited to sign up for future resources and events if interested. A subtle way to capture potential client information and illustrating the empathic people management that is the cornerstone of Approach Human Resources’ skill set.

It’s full range of expertise and experience is further illustrated by the new site’s prominent testimonials and case studies, all clearly visible on every page.


A fresh, contemporary site that displays up to date information about the range of Approach Human Resources’ services and experience. It reflects the positive potential of Approach Human Resources as a reliable addition for both small and medium businesses HR needs.


“A beautiful new website that reflects our style and enables us to communicate to our audience in a way we can be proud of. Thank you, A Fine Studio!”

Alice Francis, Director, Approach Human Resources Ltd